Twisted (Torn, #2)

Chloe and Drake have found their happily ever after… Almost.

When Chloe’s mother comes back into her life with a bang, it sets off a chain of events no one could have ever expected.
Everyone has their demons, and Chloe and Drake’s hit them with a vengence.

Sex, drugs, money, a crazy ex, and Rock n Roll…. Can they survive it all?

Things are beginning to feel a bit… Twisted.

ebook, 320 pages
Published May 7th 2013 by Atria Publishing (first published March 14th 2013)

My Review

I enjoyed Twisted almost as much as I enjoyed Torn, but not quiet. While the book is well written, there are some things that just are believable. In the triangle that involved Chloe, Drake, and Logan from the first book, has now changed to Chloe, Drake, and Jordan. Jordan is Chloe’s cousin’s best friend, as well as her First. I did have problems seeing that one as a possibility. Is Jordan really going to be in love with someone he hung out with and had sex with one time while they were teenagers? I think that more could have been added so he would have fell in love with her while she was visiting her sick aunt.

You know from the first book the type of relationship Chloe has with her mother. In Twisted it goes into a bit more detail with her mother actually making an appearance….or a few. Chloe and Drake have a new set of problems in this book.

I cannot wait to finish reading the series.

Twisted: Book 2 in the Torn Series $7.59 for Kindle